Saturday, November 19, 2011


Ever feel like you're in a stalemate? Come to think of it, that's a good name for this economy. Hiring is at a standstill, thus, I'm at a standstill. One peruses job listing after job listing with nothing to show for it. It's a suffocating and paralyzing experience for job hunters. and there are many of us out there. If one is lucky enough to get a job interview, the chances of getting hired among all the other applicants is minimal. Employers can pick and choose the cream of the crop at this point. 

I recently had a job interview with a company I would have loved to work for, I fit the job requirements very nearly perfectly, and I felt the interview went spectacularly. You can imagine my disappointment and surprise when they informed me two days later that they had chosen another applicant. I was at my very lowest since I had been laid off 10 months ago.

But, then the Lord has a way of directing us to paths that we least expected or really considered. Shortly after my huge disappointment, my father called to tell me to go back to school and they would help pay the expenses. Initially, I had mixed feelings about taking this route. I didn't want to rely even more on my family and I'm not exactly young anymore.

Then I prayed, and the Lord reminded me of how very blessed I am to have a family that is so supportive that they would allow me to go back to school and support me doing it. Sometimes he sends things our way because He has chosen another path for us to follow that we least expected. It's okay to accept help when we need it and when others wish to do it for us. It will likely bless them too. He also reminded me of how very much I really enjoyed college and how it literally saved my life at one time. I'm thinking it might be a life saver once again.

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