Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Small Blessings

How much thought do we give to the little things the Lord does for us? Like yesterday, I signed into my gmail to chat with my best buddy, as I do almost every day. After having a stressful morning, I was feeling very appreciative to have a friend I could count on and talk to, so I wrote, "Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you?" Shortly after that, it said that she was offline and could not receive any more messages. Today, when I signed in to talk to her, she explained that she really needed to hear that message because something at work was going terribly wrong for her. It turned out, that she was seeing the same message for me on chat and thought I had gone offline too. My message reached her in the nick of time to brighten her day before there was some sort of computer malfunction. It's so great to have friends to Love.

A few years ago, after having graduated college and trying to raise three boys at the same time, I didn't have one Christian lady to call a friend because my life had been too busy for friends. Sad, isn't it? Now that my college career was ended and I only needed to focus on work, I had the time. So, I had prayed that the Lord would send one my way, and he sent her to me.Friends are to be cherished and they are much more than small blessings, they help to keep us sane in an insane world. Thank God for friends!

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