Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Interview Misadventure

How did the interview go you ask? Well, it was interesting to say the least. I left well ahead of time, punched the address in the ol' GPS, and made my way down there. However, I think my GPS system had a hangover or something that day, because it failed to tell me which side of the street the address was on. On the screen, there was just a big bulls-eye in the middle of the intersection. On one corner there was a mall, and the other three corners all had big, sprawling, business parks cluttering them. I had twenty minutes to be there, so I felt pretty safe. But, after traversing the entire mall with no luck,  I was left with ten minutes. I started to panic. All my abilities to think escaped me. I had forgotten how to look for an address the old fashioned way, without GPS, and I started to pray like I hadn't prayed in a long time. "God, if you're there (as if he's only there sometimes) please direct my ways!" That day, I stopped thinking of GPS as a blessing. They only serve to stupify their users. I wanted to meet the person who invented it and give him/her a little piece of my mind. 

Nevertheless, after my prayer, I turned out of the mall and started heading for one of the other crowded business corners. Thankfully, it was the right one. The addresses were plainly marked on all of the buildings. But, which one you ask? That was what I wanted to know. There were at least a dozen of them dotting acres upon acres of asphalt. I felt bad, but I was racing around in circles running through stop signs, as though they were just suggestions, and whizzing past pedestrians who were thinking of crossing the street. (I asked for forgiveness later.) I was desperate with only five minutes left. Finally, the building was standing before me, stretching up into the clouds like a beautiful apparition, whispering "I've found you at last.."

With four minutes to spare,  grabbing my 'job interview' folder and my blazer, I dashed for the doors. Now, I had to find the office. I ran around corners and up stairs, with people looking at me strangely, hair flying, and sweat trickling down my temples (it was ninety-five degrees that day). Finally, a set of double doors yawned open before me with the right office number plainly displayed above them. I quickly smoothed down my hair, blotted the perspiration beading my face, straightened out my suite, and tried to hide my breathlessness when I asked the receptionist for Lisa.

By the time I was called in, no one was the wiser about what I had just been through. But, the interview turned out to be more of an interrogation. I was grilled on statistics and the methodologies of research (understandable, of course), but then they handed me a written test. I choked. My mind was blank. I filled it out the best I could, but I am sure it didn't measure up. So, I wasn't surprised when I didn't get the job. Thankfully, I had all of the uplifting writings to read that are posted on my new website, www.christiancreativewriters.com to come home to. So, I felt much better after reading some of that, and I'm still holding out hope that I will find a place to work.

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