Saturday, August 6, 2011


I keep letting life get me sidetracked from writing, but then every time I turn around someone says, "You should write about that," and I can't help but think that the Good Lord is gently trying to lead me back to doing this. Now people are even giving me book ideas, and they're not bad ideas either. The latest distraction was my littlest boy's birthday (he turned ten) among other things, and it was worth getting distracted over. As one of his gifts, my sister took him to a major water park here in Southern California, where she took video of him. In one of her videos, you can see him launch himself down what appeared to be a seven story slide where his legs promptly shot out into the splits, (a position not easily corrected once started). Water began billowing up between his legs and flowing up and over his face, (he looked like he was drowning!). All that was left to be seen of him were his little, spread-eagle feet kicking and flapping in the air. This torture seemed to go on forever before it was over. Upon reaching the bottom, my adrenaline filled son happily exclaimed to his two older brothers, "Let's do it again!"   

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