Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Procrastination or Self Torture?

I'm still going through and changing things to first person. It's taking forever, because as I read it over, I can hardly believe I wrote some of this stuff. IT'S AWEFUL!!! What was I thinking? So of course I have to change it all, or just cut it out. However, one must be careful of cutting things out willy-nilly that are referenced in some other part of the story, and only God knows where in the world that is. I told you this was a headache. Oh, and there's also the fictitious names I came up with to protect the identities of the people in my life. A lot of them have special meanings, but some of them are kind of out there. Like, I'm sure my dad is not going to appreciate being called Claude! (No, really, that's what I named him.) And, then there's my poor mother whose name is Tacey. It means, "Be silent." (I hope she doesn't get the wrong idea.) It's not that I want her to be silent (then again, I may have when I was a kid), but I named her that because she is such a quiet person. Unfortunately, to me it sounds like a little booger eating, pigtail wearing six-year-old. Maybe I'll just ask them if they mind me using their real names.

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