Friday, July 8, 2011

So, What Now?

I've been writing my memoirs for the past six years, well, because I haven't been working very hard at it. So it's just a jumbled mess of about fifty pages. And, frankly, there was no hurry. I mean, who was going to read it anyway? There are many problems with it. Half of it is in first person and the other half in third person. Originally, I wrote it as fiction, not wanting anyone to know it was really about me, just in case I should try and publish it, because, honestly, my life has been filled with some pretty unbelievable, horrific events. Then, as I wrote I realized that this fictional story probably wasn't interesting, on account of people thinking that it was too crazy to be believed. I also thought that, perhaps, if I wrote it as a memoir maybe others would gain inspiration from it. Not that I'm all that or anything, but I did manage to live when I shouldn't have. Another problem is, as I have added little by little to it over time, my writing style has changed. So before I've even seriously started, I'm already worn out from it. Maybe I should just warm up and polish up some of my short stories or create some new ones. I'm still deciding...

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